Custom Solutions

Solitron appreciates that there are times when standard off the shelf products don’t always satisfy system requirements.  Tailored electrical and mechanical requirements are often needed to optimize performance. At Solitron, we specialize in customized and tailored versions of our standard products as well as full custom circuits.  Modifications as small as lead forming to building a full custom multi-function solutions from a block diagram or schematic are well within Solitron’s capabilities.

Our design engineering staff have years of high voltage and power expertise and a unique tool set that includes access to internal wafer fab, multi-chip power module assembly and custom packaging …. all capabilities that offer state of the art miniaturization.

Custom Wafer Fab

  • Bipolar power transistors
  • Small signal JFETs
  • Power rectifiers & diodes
  • Electrical selection and matching
  • Customized packaging
Power Hybrid Assembly

  • Mixed Technologies
    – Small Signal and Power
    – High Voltage and Low Voltage
  • Improved Thermal Efficiency
    – High Conductivity Ceramics
    – Thermally Conductive Packaging
    – Integrated Heat Sinking
  • Fully Tested Integrated Solutions
  • Significant Space and Weight Savings

  • MIL-PRF-19500
  • Commercial Off The Shelf COTS
  • Rad Hard
  • MIL-PRF-38534
  • Class S equivalent screening

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