Silicon Carbide Bridges

silicon carbide bridge

Zero Forward and Reverse Recovery

Temperature Independent Switching Behaviour

Very Low Stray Inductance

ALN Substrate for Improved Thermal Performance

Internal Thermistor for Temperature Monitoring


Silicon Carbide (SiC) semiconductors are innovative new options for power applications improving system efficiency, size, weight, form factor and operating temperature ranges.  Solitron combines the latest state of the art SiC technology with unique light weight packaging in a new series of high density half bridge and full bridge modules.  These modules are ideal for switch mode power supplies, actuation and motor control applications.


Device Type
Type Number
RDS(on)Temp. Range
Half BridgeSD11902120040A32mΩ-55°C to 125°CYes
Half BridgeSD11903120040A32mΩ-55°C to 125°CNo
Half BridgeSD11904120040A32mΩ-55°C to 125°CYes
Half BridgeSD11905120040A32mΩ-55°C to 125°CNo